okay fixed muzik.csd and now I can simply prepare some midi note number oriented patterns in vim on a smartphone

so the gnurootdebian on my hi8 tablet(android4.4) got broken and this one will only work as a connectbot machine for raspberry-pi

oh so since my userland on g08 is running on android7.1 the screen can be split this way .. its really like linux-cli n android-gui working together

copying things on android and pasting em to connetbot ssh-ing to userland does work :) and files can be shared at sdcard/Download .. so i make that dir my home ..

my plan was to ghc somethang. he and then run ./something in that gnurootdebian on smartphones but found that it is impossible :(
has to be on x86 based android or raspis

so i got pico- working on lubuntu1804 on hpmini .. wonder if this is the version that gives me the new feature of the sound thing the dev person was talking about

cabal installing csound-expression to the mobile version of my pi3

grainstorm app es muy fun .. must find the man por this


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