As someone who is terrible at writing, I have a lot of empathy for people that write bad textbooks

@maxsnew as someone trying to write a textbook, I can only hope to be someone who is bad at writing textbooks soon

@wilbowma @maxsnew Accepting that I will write a bad textbook was the only way I could make any progress at all.

@nilesjohnson @maxsnew one of the earliest pieces of feedback I got on my draft was something like “it’s a good start but I hope this isn’t the version you’re showing students”. Anyway the students were much nicer

@wilbowma @nilesjohnson @maxsnew i have an incredible amount of respect for anyone who attempts to sit down and write a textbook-sized.. anything.. in a mostly-coherent, linear order. not possible for my tiny brain


@amy @wilbowma @maxsnew It's grueling! A supportive coauthor helps a lot. And, like many things, it's something that becomes more possible as one gains more experience with smaller projects.

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