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Reading “The Computer Boys Take Over” — currently the part covering HR practices in the 1950s and 1960s — and it’s insane how little has changed in our industry during the past 50+ years.

I guess I should get used to the feeling, I have a hunch that it’ll be a common recurrence throughout the rest of the book.

Snapped a photo of this little thing at the lake a couple of days ago. Turns out, playing around with telephoto lenses is fun!

(Original @

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jeans with the ankles joined are topologically identical to jeans without the ankles joined

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How can I add users to #etherpad ? So they would have username and password.
#help #question

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There are any number of demo sites where you can type LaTeX math and get mathjax to format it for you in your web browser window, but looks like a good choice for sharing your screen when conferencing, office hours, etc: markdown for the non-math formatting, set up to look like a blackboard, with no unnecessary distractions, free to copy or modify. Via

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…It’s also victim blaming to tell everyday people they’re at fault for using one of the two main tech platforms instead of an (as of yet inaccessible) alternative. (I have two Pinephones and my room overflows open hardware. No, I don’t blame you for using an iPhone or an Android device. You’re the victim here.)

Blame the actual culprits: clueless legislators/policymakers who allow these monopolies to continue and fail to protect our human rights. Blame Big Tech and those who enable it…

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A great talk from David Nolen illustrating some of the advantages of #ClojureScript workflow compared to Js or TypeScript. It's often hard to notice restrictions of the tooling you're using until you see another way of doing things.

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Are there any #foss friendly #ebook readers out there? Preferably that doesn't require an online account and works with #Calibre out of the box.

"Helgoland" by Carl Rovelli is a beautiful book, and this lovely dedication led me to find out that Ted Newman sadly passed away earlier this year.

This dedication also provides you with a moral duty to punch anyone claiming to understand quantum mechanics straight in the face.

There's a train stop in the middle of nowhere between Zagreb and Koprivnica(*) with a "FREE BEER FOR PUNX" graffiti right next to its entrance and it never fails to make me smile.

(*) For Croatian train connoisseurs: the place is called Repinec.

Today, Croatia celebrates Day of Antifascist Struggle, the anniversary of forming of its first Partisan resistance unit in 1941 which paved the way to defeating of Nazis in World War II.

One of the rare holidays honestly worth celebrating. Fight the power.

news, gun violence, USA 

I always find it interesting how news on shootings in the US end up prominently featured on front pages of Croatian media, but when you actually try to find some further information in US media, it's usually buried somewhere deep like it's business as usual.

I guess that says a lot about 'merica, too. 🤷‍♂️

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Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips. Yet, you can tiptoe but not tipfinger.

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As things are starting to open up, and more and more people are roaming the streets and interacting with each other, it's becoming clear that the pandemic made us forget a really important, hard-learned lesson:

People are fucking annoying.

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I am using the following apps now:
Otpclient for mfa
Tootle for mastodon
Freetube for youtube watching
Geary for mail
Gnome web webapp installer for mattermost chat
Firefox for other webbrowsing
Spot for spotify
Opentodolist with Nextcloud sync for notes/shared shopping list
My own app Tinge for controlling Hue lights -
My own app PassUI for password management -

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Installed latest #mobian on my #pinephone today, and it is very close to being a viable daily driver for me now. I have all the apps I need now apart from some more or less mandatory proprietary apps related to identification and banking in Sweden (BankID, Swish). I can keep an android phone around on my desk for those I guess and keep this puppy in the pocket from now on :).

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