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The M=5.4 earthquake in Zagreb in March resulted in serious damage to poorly constructed buildings in our capital, mostly in the historical city center. There are still no clear plans for proper, structural earthquake-resistant reconstruction.

The two recent earthquakes in Pokuplje destroyed entire small cities and villages, rendering them uninhabitable.

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Even in 1909, Mohorovičić was aware that this part of Europe is extremely seismically active. He spent the better part of his later career advocating for earthquake-resistant engineering and better building practices.

Unfortunately, he was largely ignored, and Croatia is suffering the consequences 100+ years later.

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In the aftermath of natural disasters, I find it comforting to learn more about their background.

Yesterday, there was a catastrophic M=6.4 in Croatia alongside the Pokuplje fault, preceded by an M=5.0 foreshock the day before.

Andrija Mohorovičić, the father of modern seismology, analyzed an earthquake along that same fault in 1909, discovering the so-called "Moho discontinuity", an important breakthrough in our understanding of geology.

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