First snow o' the season @ Bled, Slovenia.

Can't say I missed shoveling snow off the car, but it was purdy.

My heart rate vs. the 2am earthquake.

Nature: the ultimate alarm clock.

Snapped a photo of this little thing at the lake a couple of days ago. Turns out, playing around with telephoto lenses is fun!

(Original @

"Helgoland" by Carl Rovelli is a beautiful book, and this lovely dedication led me to find out that Ted Newman sadly passed away earlier this year.

This dedication also provides you with a moral duty to punch anyone claiming to understand quantum mechanics straight in the face.

COVID-19, photo 

Went to the local flower exhibition and found this awesome SARS-CoV-2-inspired arrangement. What a time to be alive.

I call this one "the encyclopaedic illustration of information overload".

(The entrance to a hospital ward in Varaždin, Croatia.)

We had two days of snow within the last week! Here's a photo I took on Sunday that I particularly fancied.

Plitvice Lakes were a good idea on New Year's Day. None of the people, all of the beautifulness.


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