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My wife's intro-to-algebra online course has reached the topic of factoring differences-of-cubes polynomials, bringing to me memories of the time I needed to factor a differences-of-cubes polynomial.

My wife's taking an intro-to-algebra online course and got marked off for what seemed like an ambiguous definition. I'm curious what people's intuitions are.

Question was: what is the factoring of the term 4x²y?

Our pet rabbit looks so *affronted* when I swap her litter bin out for the clean one, though.

Just heard there are 21 Star Wars tv series, three of them debuting in 2021, and now I feel tired.

Using the clarity given by a weekend taken off to realize why I do not need to code an index into my array of objects.

I apologize for failing to mention earlier. I did a roundup of the Pi Day jokes on my mathematics blog. Sorry to say none of them got deep into mathematics, even with the space of a Sunday strip available. But there's surely some good to use in a PowerPoint slide:

Was struggling to remember my primary physician's name and I just realized I told the dentist I was in the care of Dr Atiyah so ... I suppose it won't matter unless my dental X-rays turn up some Hopf invariants.

Definitely blaming the heart for pink text on a purple wafer, though.

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Not sure if my eyes are getting worse or the printing on these Candy Hearts is bad.

Just heard (without asserting that I heard a correct story) that the guy who designed ABBA's 70s stagewear got into costume-making because his wife needed outfits so she could join his side gig as a flamenco dancer, which he did as a way to fund his zoology education.

He earned his wildlife degree and I so hope his thesis was on yak-shaving.

Programming when your code is coming together a little *too* smoothly ...

My wife and I just discovered we each thought the other was saving empty toilet-paper tubes for some inscrutable reason.

So, remember, communication is important even in the tiny things.

"An open question in number theory" or as it's more commonly known, "a question in number theory".

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