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USpol humor (vague) 

Don't know why this Peanuts comic from 1964 is on my mind.

I'm not sure what the white rabbit there is doing with her foreleg but I'm impressed by it.

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- A regular polyhedron has equal edges and equal vertex angles

*holds up infinite square tiling*
- Behold, a regular polyhedron

I have a special event to announce! I was fortunate enough to host the 141st edition of the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival, featuring many links to mathematics fun, educational, philosophical, or at least accompanied by amusement park pictures:

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@nebusj I would propose that, since one can do this easily with a siberian-type sled dog as well, that it be known as the Bunny-Husky paradox.

... grooming enough fur off your pet rabbit to make a second rabbit, or the Bunny-Tarski Paradox ...

For N, my A-to-Z this year reached into another biography-focused piece: John von Neumann.

No roller coaster pictures this time.

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I did reach the letter M! For the A-to-Z this year I wrote about the Mobius Strip:

Also, it features more roller coaster pictures than any other mathematics blog post I've written yet.

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My wife hoped that for the letter L I would explain "Leibniz, the Inventor of Calculus". I could not in good conscience say 'the', but I could say other things too.

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Can I explain K-Theory in two thousand words? No, no I can not. But in the eleventh of my A-to-Z essays for the year I at least try to say why it's worth trying.

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LB: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, besides everything else, is the venue for one of Michigan's competitive pinball leagues. If the place survives --- you can help at --- and it reopens please come and try it out! Absolutely no pinball experience needed. Just coins for the machines.

League is usually the first Friday of the month at 7 pm but check before making a long drive.

In the meanwhile I'm reading James Tomayko's _Computers In Spaceflight: The NASA Experience_ and am entertained by all the trouble NASA had in the 60s understanding just what it wanted from the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory programmers, but also that the best way to get MIT in line was threatening their self-esteem.

(This would not have worked with my grad school, RPI, because we've never had self-esteem.)

And it turns out they can't view it anyway because apparently the Support Chat people aren't allowed to see videos at work.

This is now my *third* attempt at getting a Switch which won't connect to Wi-Fi and won't pair with its joycons fixed, part of a saga which has gone on since the middle of June.

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Sorry to bother folks; this seems the easiest way to get a video of a Switch not pairing with its joy cons to someone who needs to see it. Please don't worry about it.

The tenth of the A-to-Z this year? Jacobi polynomials. I was thinking to just get every function ever covered in one article.

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