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The ninth of my A-to-Z topics this year was Imaginary Numbers. Yes, I found the Peanuts strip where Sally Brown imagines "overly-eight".

Also the one where that plush tiger has some suggestions.

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For the eighth of this year's A-to-Z essays I wrote about Hilbert's Problems, and about a question adjacent to David Hilbert's famous list.

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The sixth of my A-to-Z topics was Fibonacci. One of my readers hoped to learn a bit about Leonardo of Pisa's biography. This brought me to some amazing discoveries about Fibonacci's biography, and I share it here ...

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Spent an hour near the university observatory, hoping the clouds would part enough that we might see the comet. No luck.

We *did* manage to see an Eastern cottontail rabbit that spent nearly the whole hour watching a tree and grazing. So the evening wasn't a total wash.

For my fifth A-to-Z topic, I got the suggestion of Exponential. I used the chance to work out a reason behind something we've gotten used to: why is the exponential of an imaginary number on the unit circle?

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The fourth of my A-to-Z topics was Delta. It's a big idea so I tried to trim it to two specific but not quite identical uses of the concept.

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My third A-to-Z topic was Complex Numbers. I've written about them before, so tried to think a bit about a different angle: why do we trust them?

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And while I'm still a bit over a week out of starting my A-to-Z essays, I am also looking for letters 'B' and 'C'. Here's a link for requests, and also offering the lists of essays I've written for those letters in the past.

Thanks again for any thoughts you have.

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Our pet rabbit sitting up and folding over like a rag doll, as in that second picture, is some idiosyncratic thing she's figured out as a way to groom her feet and tail. We've never seen another rabbit do that and we have no idea how she figured how to do it.

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Last year I did an A-to-Z glossary, writing one essay for each letter of the alphabet. I'm starting another one of them, and am looking for topic suggestions.

Here's a link for the letter A, and a list of the essays that I've written for 'A' in past years.

Thanks for any thoughts you have.

That thing where something is so obviously and easily true that I'm sure I'm overlooking how it's obviously false.

pet health (+) 

Our pet rabbit, who has cataracts, got her annual checkup for those today. They took her in the carrier from our car so we couldn't go in with her, and we assume she was cross that we weren't there to pet her head through the ordeal. Also that we had her in the pet carrier.

The happy news is the cataracts remain unchanged, the one in her right eye too small to impair her vision, and we can go on giving her the eyedrops that she tolerates.

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