My third essay for the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z went to the Torus, and as you'd expect, board game design.

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@acciomath @hafnia @pelagikat I'd taken it as a convention that the author and the reader were now partners on whatever the paper explored. So when we're done with the paragraph 'we see that ... ', even though the author saw it long before the reader did.

If I may speak up for my own writing here, I've begun my mathematics blog's annual glossary project. In line with my very worn, battered spirits, it's a smaller one than usual. To start the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z, the letter ... M, for Multiplication.

@erou Well, it is a kid seeing but not quite understanding how to apply mathematics he's just learned. There's probably a good discussion to have about whether Gil did just divide one-half by one-half, for instance, and what he might have done that did reflect his new discovery.

On my blog I used to run a regular feature about mathematics-in-comic-strips. ( ) 'When am I going to use this' was a common enough joke I ran out of things to say about it.

@jsiehler Oh, I didn't think to read into the comments. ... But, yeah, that's a Yosemite Sam line too.

@porsupah Well, at least my aim is good, even if I don't know a film you haven't seen.

@porsupah It's an extremely Indie film in tone and structure, with the time-travel elements left nearly completely ambiguous, but 'Safety Not Guaranteed', starring Aubrey Plaza (Goth person from 'Parks & Rec') is a pleasant bit about a local reporter who came to sneer at a guy whose classified ad is looking for partners in a time-travel expedition and found, mm, more than just something to feel superior to.

My father-in-law is an explicably huge fan.

@zatnosk @signaleleven @danielhglus 'Conjugated' might be the more correct term but now I think 'bent' is right.

Me, having spent 35 minutes fiddling with alternatives to get this one geometry-related coding task solved: *Fine*, I'll *think* about it instead.
[ One minute later ]
OK, solved.

@alienskyler She is very happy to have you pet her! The only constraint is that once you start, she'll want you never to stop.

@danielhglus I'm not sure I've ever had less than two-fifths of the whole box at one breakfast. There's something awry in how cereal works.

Thinking of the 90s Internet Guy arguing that by the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation Venus must have been terraformed, because of that time Data started telling a limerick about how there was a young lady from Venus.

Still no idea if the argument was in earnest.

Anyway that's what you missed not being on Usenet.

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