@jacethechicken Special shout-out to England's King Aethelred the Unready.

(My understanding is 'the Unready' is part pun, part too-literal translation of pre-Norman English, and that a translation closer to the spirit of the thing would be 'Aethelred the Poorly Advised', which is more wonderful and/but also sounds like a throwaway line in a minor Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book.)

we had a little more success making something function in the abc coordinates instead of using the park transform but then we end up with a lot of trouble with a huge long expression for torque and we're not certain whether we should use inductances of Ls or 3/2*Ls, and whether the coupling should be -0.5 or -1/3

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Is anyone here good at physical modelling, because we're having a heck of a time getting a working model of a PMSM in LTspice

would be until monday before we can work on it much more but would appreciate tips on avoiding convergence issues, understanding what the correct numbers to put in off a real motor's datasheet are, and figuring out what the hell is going on that sometimes the model just decides every node is at 1e+26 volts

@icecolbeveridge @11011110 @christianp I did a quick numerical simulation this morning too and came up with .1422, which made me think, "Wait, isn't that 1/e^2?" It's not, but you can see 1/e^2 from there.

@LovesTha @christianp My guess would be 1/e, but that's just what I always guess when it's a problem about finding one exact match when a lot of possible matches might but don't have to exist.

@dantheclamman @atomicpoet Context is critical, of course. I realize that I have shifted to 'offering hugs', which seems like it conveys a similar expression of support while respecting that some people don't want hugs.

@JordiGH I do like the art in that booklet, though. It's got a very ... cover-of-an-80s-personal-computer-magazine style that evokes happy memories in me.

@ProfKinyon Today I learn of Cayley Tables. (Or quite likely, re-learn after nodding through them as an undergraduate and forgetting them before the exam.)

I at last reached the end of my 2021 A-to-Z, with Zorn's Lemma:


I can't say what I'll do next, except it's probably sharing Pi Day themed comic strips.

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I did finally resume the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z, after a pause necessitated by life being all too much. For the third-to-last letter, it's another T, Tangent Space:


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@porsupah *Extremely* glad to hear this. The one thing that's most limited my hanging out here in my Math'sona has been wanting to use Safari to do the browsing and Safari's desire to reset the columns altogether too often.

Happy new year! If you're the kind of person that other people ask "is there anything mathematical about this number?", you might find this useful: a 78-page collection of maths facts about 2022, by Inder J Taneja

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