If I may speak up for my own writing here, I've begun my mathematics blog's annual glossary project. In line with my very worn, battered spirits, it's a smaller one than usual. To start the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z, the letter ... M, for Multiplication.

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My second essay for the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z was a companion to multiplication ... A, for Addition.

My third essay for the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z went to the Torus, and as you'd expect, board game design.

I've let myself fall behind on my writing again. For the next letter in the Mathematics A-to-Z, 'E', I wrote about Embedding:

For the second 'A' in the Mathematics A-to-Z this year, I try to explain Analysis in 1500 words. There's details omitted.

And I'm appealing for suggestions for the last couple topics seen as I hope not to miss deadline for the letter 'C' this week:

@nebusj Have you ever plotted the modular hyperbolas \(xy \equiv 1 \pmod{m}\) for various values of m? It's a whole bunch of new looking-glass worlds to dive into.

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