Our pet rabbit looks so *affronted* when I swap her litter bin out for the clean one, though.

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@nebusj Well, now she's got to start making it homely all over again. You're fortunate she's so patient in training you. *nods*

@porsupah The funny thing is she also really enjoys scrunching up new litter. If it were at all economic we might give her new litter every day. It's quite satisfying hearing her shuffle it round.

@nebusj Hmm. Curiously, I do recall being very fond of munching on paper as a leveret..

Is there a nascent industry in cheap, safe, tasty litter? Maybe augmented with hay?

@porsupah Ah, now, the cheapest litter I know of I learned about from a rescue, and it's wood-stove pellets. Something like US$4 for a 25-pound bag. When used the pellets disintegrate into mulch, basically, so we could even use it to rebuild the gardens.

The disadvantage is it has no odor absorption, and that much dirt is amazingly heavy, given the chance.

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