Thinking of that time my wife and I were in France and the clerk at the 24/7 convenience store (closed Tuesdays) asked how English speakers pronounced the name of the Lion candy bar, and we told him, and he repeated it and was so delighted by the sound of "lie-ohn".

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@nebusj It's rather unfortunate to realise that when England finally vanishes, the secrets of the Caramac will also pass into culinary extinction.


@porsupah I forgot about Caramac! Shall have to see if the local importer has supplies.

But what my wife and I will really miss are Star Bars.


@nebusj Oooh, I haven't had one of those in /much/ too long! Agreed, they're very nomworthy.

I'd also like to highlight Gold Bars - perfect for settling that occasional *need* for sweetness, if you don't happen to be in a chocolatey mood. The biscuit crunch plus that Caramac-like caramely coating is /rather nice/. Bit surprised McVities haven't tried pushing them in the US, but I suppose the big players have all that wrapped up and are just fine keeping it that way, tyvm.

Notwithstanding, I ought to make some soft-baked cookies sometime - I've got some pecans around. Though, I'd really want white chocolate chips too.. ah well, maybe something to add to a future delivery, as and when that's possible. Pistachios too, though those I'm thinking of in more of a stir-fry or curry sense. =:9


@porsupah There's a bunch of British candies I'm surprised just have no real US equivalent. I think most of them are almond-based, which is a weird commonality but all right. Might be a matter of some things not being sweet but also not being dark chocolate.

I support the cookie-baking, of course. Been a while since we made any but my finding a cheap coconut-macaroon candy at the neighborhood grocery may have undercut the urge to bake anything for a while.

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