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A recent Learned League question asked for the name of the infamous Leni Riefenstahl film which documented the second Nazi Party Congress. Some brilliant wrong answers shared on the forums:
- Das Jackboot
- 2 Fascist 2 Fuhrerious
- Dude, Wehrmacht Car?

\[r=\sqrt{1+\alpha\cos2\theta}.\] All these curves enclose the same area.

cw: shitpost 

- speak
- stop
- stop running
- stop the music
- try and hide it
- you evah
- you just know it

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What not to do, according to songs in my music library:
- ask
- be afraid, you're already dead
- be in love around me
- bring me down
- dream it's over
- drink the water
- even sing about it
- fear the reaper
- forget me
- forget whose legs you're on
- get captured
- gimme no lip
- give a funk
- go back to Rockville
- let it bring you down
- let it pass
- let me be misunderstood
- lie down
- look down
- make me a target
- pretend you didn't know

The quality of a Fourier approximation of a closed curve \(\gamma:\mathbb S^1\to\mathbb R^2\) depends heavily on its parametrization. Below: a square approximated with 1, 2, and 3 nonzero Fourier modes.

Fun fact: The hairy ball theorem doesn't apply to black holes because black holes have no hair 

(Not actually fun, not actually a fact)

Spam texts in India are amazing.

The economic inequality in New Delhi is so stark and so geographically adjacent
It's like a modern metropolis and an impoverished village got into a teleporter accident

What I want for next SIGGRAPH is a paper that takes all these "CNNs for physics-based animation" methods and tells you what low-, mid-, and high-level physical structures they're actually learning from the data.

Guy at the airport with a T-shirt that says

"Love is in the air?
Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. are in the air"

I bet he gets a lot of dates.

Little-known fact: Escalators are named after their inventor, Dr S. Skeletor.

Counterintuitive consequence: In the limit, an infinitely strong damper is a constraint, and then the system is conservative.

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Replace the spring with a damper, so that the system is no longer conservative, and your effort is essentially going to waste. Moderately counterintuitive fact: It's still true that the stronger the damping force, the less work you do.

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Take a spring attached to an immovable point, and pull on it with a constant force f for a sufficiently long time t. Mildly counterintuitive fact: The stiffer the spring, the less work you do on the system.

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