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2. A simple incompressible fluid solver that dramatically reduces the energy loss associated with advection-projection algorithms. This paper was a lot of fun to write; big props to my coauthors Jonas Zehnder and Bernhard Thomaszewski at the U de Montréal.

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1. A method to simulate cloth with accurate frictional contact, using an adaptive refinement strategy and an implicit formulation for exact Coulomb friction. Most of the credit goes to lead author Jie Li and to our INRIA collaborators Gilles Daviet and Florence Bertails-Descoubes.

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Our SIGGRAPH 2018 papers are online! (and have been for a while, I just forgot to post about them)

I apologize to the world for my role in the title of #04

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Doyle and Conway must have had a lot of fun writing this paper:

"In 1926 Lindenbaum and Tarski announced, in an infamous paper [5] that contained statements (without proof) of 144 theorems of set theory, that Lindenbaum had found a proof of division by three. Their failure to give any hint of a proof must have frustrated Sierpinski, for it appears that twenty years later he still did not know how to divide by three (cf. [9])." via

Fun fact: There is a beautifully simple closed form for the expectation of a sigmoid applied to a Gaussian random variable.

MathOverflow out of context: " In this case, Prof can be constructed from Cat, but with rather more difficulty"

Is your child practicing questionable machine learning? Know the signs—

lol: let's overfit lots
tbh: totally bogus hypothesis
btw: bias the weights
omg: 'obtain' more gpus
smh: singularity might happen
rofl: reference only friends & labmates
brb: beat ridiculous baseline
lmao: let mturkers answer obv
smdh: sorry my data's hardcoded

Today's conventions and concepts question: does a 0×0 matrix exist? How about 0×m? If yes to both, are they different objects? (Interpret 'does' and 'exist' as you wish)

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who thought this was a binary joke, those who felt clever for expecting a ternary joke, those who have considered the possibility of a quaternary joke, those who...

I wonder why there aren't more font mashups. Imagine Futura with Bodoni's contrast. Or Baskerville with Rockwell's slab serifs.

@christianp Is it possible to add a preview feature? Blind-writing \(\LaTeX\) requires either recklessness or hubris.

Testing some math: \[\frac{\partial\mathbf u}{\partial t}+(\mathbf u\cdot\nabla)\mathbf u=-\nabla p\]


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