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Wordle 234 5/6*


They're the roots of the polynomial \(\lambda^3 - (a^2 + b^2 + c^2)\lambda - 2 a b c\), but I'm not sure that helps.

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Thinking about the eigenmatrices of the Hessian of the 3x3 determinant, after Kind of a bummer that the eigenvalues of [[0, c, b], [c, 0, a], [b, a, 0]] are so messy. Is there at least a neat argument why they have to be?

Pleasantly surprised with how this one turned out.

Wordle 213 3/6


Someone should start a LifeWiki Quotes Out Of Context bot.
"Two pentadecathlons can be used to hassle a toad."

@esclear @christianp Whomst among us hasn't done things at the elevenst hour, been amused by Shakespeare's Twelvond Night, or dreaded Friday the Thirdteen?

Mean Girls was affected by outliers; Median Girls is probably more representative of the typical clique

Broke: "0.000...1 with infinitely many zeroes" doesn't make any sense
Woke: "0.000...1 with infinitely many zeroes" is an element of an extended numeral system where digits are indexed by ordinals

Just got an email with the subject "Invitation for participating in WADLA 2.0". I don't know what WADLA is but I've been wandering around the house shouting "WADLA!!! WADLAAAA" at things instead of reading the email

@tpfto Haha :)

If only though! Most of the time, depth of neural network is used as a substitute for depth of intellectual contribution

Deep learning papers will be the death of me.

The Internet Freedom Foundation and a group of social science researchers weigh in on a publisher copyright suit in India's Delhi High Court against LibGen and Sci-Hub, arguing that accessing published works for research or educational purposes is legal as fair dealing under Indian law:, via and

@christianp Curious if you found anything yet. I'd be tempted to explicitly tell the users up front that their headings must start at h3, and reject any descriptions that include h1's or h2's.

Roxanne is what they call Dwayne Johnson in Japan

The pseudorhomicuboctahedron can never be an Archimedean solid.
Boost if you agree

Animation of the minimum-weight matchings of increasingly many points of two colors in a unit square:

Because the color densities fluctuate, the matching develops regions of many parallel long edges transporting excess density from one place to another. This is reflected mathematically in the fact that the expected length is \(\Theta(\sqrt{n\log n})\) compared to \(\Theta(\sqrt{n})\) for non-bipartite matching; see

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