&#@%!$ hard mode

Wordle 234 5/6*


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@narain Hard mode can be a real challenge ... hence the name!

I'm sure you've thought of this, but when playing Hard Mode it might be best to choose a first word with mostly uncommon letters ... something like "jumpy" or "climb" ... that would avoid this specific problem, though it no doubt (another possible first choice) it has other problems I've not considered.

@ColinTheMathmo That seems like it'll waste a guess on something that'll likely give you very little information? The most likely outcome is that none of the letters match, and then you haven't narrowed down the set of possible words very much.

What you describe may be a good strategy for Absurdle though.

@narain Ever guesses with *mostly* unlikely letters have to have vowels, so it's a strategy to balance the various conflicting objectives.

3 Blue 1 Brown has a nice analysis:

But the novelty is wearing off for me.

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