@nanjekyejoannah Let's start a petition to get Rick Astley to release the lyrics under GPL or something...

@Scmbradley good luck obviously for now keep your lyrics thingy far from Debian stuff :)

OCR Output (chars: 513) 

Bug#1012467: davix ships complete lyrics of "Never Gonna Give You Up" 5 inbox x

Jakub Wilk jwilk@​jwilk.net via lists.debian.org
to submit +

Source: davix
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy §2.2.4

test/unit/response-butfer.opp includes the complete lyrics of Rick
Astley’s "Never Gonna Give You Up".

To the best of my knowledge, this song hasn't been released under a free
license, so... You know the rules (and so do I). full lyrics removal
is what I'm thinking of.

Jakub Wilk



Maybe they should replace the lyrics with "happy birthday" since it was finally ruled public domain after a brutally long legal battle.

spoilery, read the screenshot before this one if you didn't already 

@nanjekyejoannah "You know the rules (and so do I)" had me laughing out loud 😂

@nanjekyejoannah @nev I wondered if @doot was a Debian developer and now I have my answer

@nanjekyejoannah "this is funny, but thats copywrited, plz remove before they sue"

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