I dont think about math much...I think about physics stuff a bit. I do some programming, fly planes once in a while, play an electric guitar and soon buying an 88 key keyboard. This is my first toot!!!

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@nanjekyejoannah Welcome!

Joannah is too modest, at least about programming. I have not heard the electric guitar, but I assume survival means some basic level of competence for flying 😎.

@bremner haha, Thank you. I may have overstated the guitar bit though. Am not a professional electric guitar player.. just a self taught hobby!!

@nanjekyejoannah OK, I will not volunteer you to play at the next holiday party. Even though that is probably some time away.

@nanjekyejoannah Hello! Welcome! I do think about math much, and I also think about physics stuff a bit.

@jsiehler Hey! and thanks. To be specific about math, I can only stand pure mathematics..things like numerical analysis..maybe complex analysis too..if I have some energy left after my PHD which is unlikely, I might take a part time masters in pure mathematics if some grad school in this world is unfair enough to admit me.😂 For physics, some aspects of atmospheric physics interest me but I think more about Radio communication and systems.

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