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I dont think about math much...I think about physics stuff a bit. I do some programming, fly planes once in a while, play an electric guitar and soon buying an 88 key keyboard. This is my first toot!!!

People who don't change their WhatsApp status and leave the default are the reason Microsoft kept releasing Internet explorer as am sure they are the same people who got too lazy to download a better browser 馃コ馃コ

So every small topic is now leading to a new slack channel. If people don't cut down on the number of slack channels, teams are going to start being slack admins instead of getting actual work done.

Virtual university learning has not improvised for that part just enter a professor's office with a question...and yes without appointment 馃槑 馃槣 馃槣

Profs be like: sigh of relief!!!!

PEP 554 introduces a Python API for multiple interpreters in Python which is aimed at achieving a concurrency model. It has been postponed for Python 3.10 when we have implemented per interpreter GIL support. However I just merged a quick feel of what will come for use in the CPython test suite. The future looks interesting.

So github actions are being set up to do water plants too 馃ぃ

Why do I think books should not be marketed for the same reasons we don't market medicine.

I noticed that sitting in a meeting for 3 hours makes me more tired than coding for 8 hours. Am pretty much more useless after the meeting than I would normally be with my usual 12 hour or usually
more schedule with breaks. I say yes to Emails and no meetings yall.

Mathstodon should just add support for latex and markdown for toots 馃槝

Go to a new open source forum, start a topic which I didn't know was yet to be announced, then maintainer announces the thing as a continuation reply on my thread. Folks, thats how I commit crimes ....

Did you know PEPs are actually implemented, rejected or accepted?

Also everyday I keep getting reasons not to check my university email frequently. I get reminders of all events useful and irrelevant alike. For example I will never know why am on an undergrad specific mailing list too?

This reaction on keybase is like the same mood swing people had when Github was acquired. Guess what now, people left and came back in minutes. Just saying I got a gitlab account too incase...馃槣

Buying a new laptop is like moving houses. It takes time to have everything in its right order. May take weeks for me to fully commit to this new machine. Btw I moved houses and bought a new laptop. This is double trouble.

I guess people enjoy wasting maintainers' time. Also just saying no one is paid. Now, wakanda PR is this? on a PEP repository ?

We should find a way of dealing with such spam.

I now badly want Racket's match and cond in Python 馃.

Grad school has made me appreciate reading books. The internet is crazy yall 馃槒. . "This looks like a safe country" says my parent. The first time she has fully approved my life choices 馃

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