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I dont think about math much...I think about physics stuff a bit. I do some programming, fly planes once in a while, play an electric guitar and soon buying an 88 key keyboard. This is my first toot!!!

Let there be a monarchy related holiday in Australia, UK, Canada and Uganda. A different day for each. A lazy grad student wants to rest. 😅

This is a new one, conference provides a web form for submissions, then automatically create an easy chair submission 😀 for the submission.

This PyPi 2FA drama can be summarized as, it's not what you say but how you say it that matters. Maintainers shouldn't be treated as disposable, even if you give them a distribution platform, autonomy to authors should be common decency, not threatening to take this right away because it hurts an entity.

The Supreme Court rules 6 : 3 on folks not posting in work slack while drunk, plus not using @here anywhere, especially when drunk :)

I am taking some time off my
@ThePSF board duties till late October tentatively, likely to extend till winter. I will share more this week. I encourage all PSF voting members to vote for these interesting candidates of choice, especially community-focused folks.

Today I dismantled and reintegrated our kitchen plumbing to fix a semi-trivial plumbing issue. Am adding plumber to my CV, incase copilot renders my PhD useless.

What is that debugging technique, where you delete the whole code and start afresh? We should formalize a name for it... more of rm -rf <code>

Thrilled to have got a project grant from Rust Foundation for my visit with @stevemblackburn on a Rust-based GC for @pypyproject using MMTk.

The paper on how to increase your citations, has 2 citations. Use this information in any way you want, I am just a messenger.

Turns out my own university cannot transmit a transcript when required (I hear, its policy), now who should
@UNBSGS? This is genius-level service, am really impressed with the -as-a-service

And let's not guilt people into turning cameras on during remote meetings. As an example, I have the highest pressure sustaining a smooth online meeting, internet problems being number one, if anything, I would do anything to be in-person for these days.

I think I became so obsessed with finishing this PhD, that I ditched doing any other normal things I used to do. A part of me thinks this is unhealthy but we move.... Just saying I will really miss language summit and @pycon in general and maybe SLC this year.

Confident of people to think I know the Y combinator on my fingertips. I have to think for more 15 minutes to remember.

I can't be the only one who notices a typo but continues to send the text because am too lazy to do the correction.

During winter I only need to build/compile pypy on my MacBook to feel warm.

The academy/university can really be annoying, but on many good days the research is very interesting and worthwhile.

Not people making me guilty for not using Python all the time. Why can't someone write some Rust or Racket code in peace?

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