Fun exercise: Write a Haskell function `update :: Tree a → [a] → Maybe (Tree a)`, that updates the leaves of a Tree by those given in a list (if there are not enough, return Nothing). My attempt after CW 

Haskell is probably one of the few languages where you have to import a module to use a for loop

Me hice hace un tiempo una lista de ideas para TFG para mates/info y me la he vuelto a encontrar. Como a mí ya no me va a servir, voy a retocarla un momento y cederla al mundo. Si alguien se anima con algo de esto porfa que me escriba que me va a hacer ilusión y tengo bibliografía de casi todo por ahí.

Does anyone have any recommendations on quantum programming languages? Preferably I'm looking for something that both has a simulator and can produce a circuit diagram

"I was quite surprised as well to not find this hierarchy in the literature, so I wrote my graduate thesis about it"

You, dumb: there are infinitely many primes.
The GAP System for Computational Discrete Algebra:

*pets a graph with no cycles* what a good boy. good dag.

How do I make base phi a meme? 

My metaheuristics course frustrates me a lot. There's not even a hint at any theoretical basis for any algorithm :( The gist of it seems to be "try random stuff and assume solutions that are close have similar quality"

Math puzzle 

Math puzzle 

I don't quite agree the Axiom of Choice is to be blamed here but it's a cool problem nonetheless

if you can't handle me at my \(\aleph_0\) then you don't deserve me at my \(2^{\aleph_0}\)

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