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maybe a marginal rate of y/(1+y) or some normalization of that

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The marginal tax rate should be continuous (and differentiable) in income to make things more convenient for Economists and improve people's understanding of integrals.

I don't know why everything that relates to prisons has to be a political thing.

Look ma, I became a director for the Python Software Foundation🎉. I thank the Python community for the trust, the first election I have participated in forever. Instead of cancelling meetings, I created even more!

I think GitHub should stop being the LinkedIn of code and become the TikTok of code.

Just replace "forks" with "code duets".

💻🐍 Introduction and call for contributors

Did you know? There is a new kid on the block and its name is "inteq".

@mwt has created an #opensource #python package for solving Volterra and Fredholm integral equations. Originally developed for #economics, you will surely find many applications for this project. #science #mathematics

🌟 But now it's your time to shine. @mwt is looking for contributors who know numerical analysis or best practices for python projects.


If humans only lived until 30, we wouldn't have PhDs.

Does anyone know where I can find theorems and assumptions for the Lagrangian over function spaces:

Find the function, f, that maximizes T[f] subject to G[f](x) = 0 for all x. Then, the Lagrangian looks like:

L(f,\Lambda) = T[f] - \int_0^1 G[f](x) d \Lambda(x)

link with above equation:

WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

Bad idea of the day:

Follow the convention set by the factorial function to use other punctuation marks as operators.

"The solution is 3? - 6. 2!."

Is there a name for the operator that is next in the addition, multiplication, exponentiation order? That is @ where

x@2 = (x^x)
x@3 = (x^x)^x
x@n = (x@(n-1))^x

"Is that hoard what I think it is?" the knight asked.
"I don't know what you think," the dragon said.
"But... Why not put them to work? They can make you rich!"
"Can I sleep on what they produce?"
"Well, no."
The dragon stretched out on the hoard of graphics cards.
"I am rich."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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