Fun fact: "Pay the Man" is Foster the People's best song.

I created a free tool to quickly share snippets of formatted markdown and math with people.

I just posted it on Product Hunt:

Inspired by projects like Corporate Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum, and many others.

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I wanted to share Econ Ipsum. A Lorem Ipsum generator for Economics themed text:

Many password managers advertise that you can share passwords without letting people see the password. But the password will display if you change the text fields from type=password to type=text. Are there any examples where this feature works as intended?

I feel like 60% of all of my science questions are related to microwaves. I really sympathised when they called microwaves "science ovens" in that movie, American Hustle.

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The robot from NB public health pronounces my second name better than anyone in North America and 90 percent of Ugandans. Robots are taking over for real.

Let me know if you are interested in buying one of the following domains:

I don't intend to renew them and will part with them for any reasonable offer.

It's interesting that no one uses hashtags on mastodon. Why do you think that is?

Nothing quite like reading through pull requests to reverse engineer outdated documentation 😢

Wikipedia lists 12 different sauces under [[garlic sauce]], I'd like to try them all.

recommending bitwarden to anyone annoyed by the recent LastPass bait and switch

Something that I really enjoy is when my TOTP code has multiple digits in a row (especially three or more, that's a jackpot).

It's the little things in life.

#weird #quirk

garfiald can consume every lasagna no matter how many pieces you cut it into, even if you use the banach-tarski knife

Instant oatmeal is regular oatmeal cut into small pieces.

In case you're the kind of person that still plays SimCity 2000 (you can buy it on GOG), a cool person has created an esoteric utility that renders your maps in 3D.

I still can't understand how Rocket.Chat doesn't get that much traction with open source projects...

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