Aaarg, I'm using \(\epsilon\) and \(\varepsilon\) (for two different values) in the same equation. I fear it may be time to burn this laptop and start my PhD again from scratch.

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"Bad notation is good for you; it makes you think!" -- my algebra professor

@mscroggs One suggestion, not sure what it's worth ...

Pick another, wildly different symbol, and do a global search/replace. Then re-read. The fact that it's significantly different will make it easy to spot when you've used the wrong one, and then you can pick something suitable and re-replace.

@ColinTheMathmo I've think I'm using \param instead of \epsilon (and set the value of \param in the preamble) because I've already swapped notation: it's typical to use \(\gamma\) for the parameter in question, but I noticed after draft 1 I was already using \(\gamma\) for something else. Let's hope I remembered this and used \param everywhere...

@mscroggs Fingers crossed - again, global search/replace can help find errors like this, but certainly using "\param" is a Good Thing^{TM}

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