... or maybe this is worse:

Find \(x\), \(\mathrm{x}\), and \(\mathsf{x}\).

@mscroggs I had the same idea with ε and ε, but need a third rendering

@christianp @mscroggs Has MathJax stopped working? I'm not getting equations rendered.

Test: \( x^n+y^n=z^n \)

@christianp @mscroggs Definitely not working for me. I am an a train, but that's no reason I can see. Using my phone as a modem, it's worked before.


@christianp OK -

too much recursion[Learn More] MathJax.js:19:41903
Will-change memory consumption is too high. Budget limit is the document surface area multiplied by 3 (434448 px). Occurrences of will-change over the budget will be ignored.

@christianp OK, now it's working again. I don't think I did anything at this end.

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