\({\color{yellow}x} + {\color{blue}x} = {\color{green}x}\)

@mscroggs So, is that guy the "point" \(x=0\) in 1d or an hyperplane in 3d ?

@erou \(\color{yellow}{x=0}\), \(\color{blue}{x=0}\), and \(\color{green}{x=0}\).

@mscroggs What about \(\color{yellow}{x=1}\), \(\color{blue}{x=1}\), and \(\color{green}{x=2}\) 🙃 ?

@erou True. 3 equations are needed to fix 3 variables...

@mscroggs Yep that's why I was wandering if you considered these x's different variables or not. If you are, that actually defines a plane in 3 dimensions!

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