Looking for a children's book - can you help? Published late 70s / early 80s. Black and white cartoons. A bit like The Cartoon Guide to Algebra, but less content. Drawn more in the style of Roz Chast, with a female main character talking to you. Showing my 10 yr old self permutations vs. combinations, and how to derive a formula for the max. number of line intersections in the plane - teaching induction ("do you see a pattern?"). THIS made me interested in mathematics! But what or who was it?

Illustrating lecture notes with TikZ, I needed to draw a curve fulfilling certain conditions. Had to come up with an equation - then change parameters manually until it looked ok - kind of.

Is there no tool for this? Draw a curve (with mouse, tablet or fingers), then let the computer find one or more equations that fit it reasonably, e.g. by genetic algorithm. There is literature about it - but no implementation or app?

Could this be an idea for a start-up? Who wants something like that, too?

Research job offer - might be considered an advertisement. 

Slightly off topic, but I am looking for a 2 year PostDoc in Structural Design and Optimization of a Novel Wind Turbine Concept. If you know what SQP means and what a Gaussian Process is, and are interested in wind energy - please have a look! Even better if you know some structural analysis and the finite element method.
Should start around January 2022, but not much later.

Mathematics book quiz of the month

Bought this book recently and just opened it at two random pages. Wow! A mathematical explanation for how the wind creates waves? And a discussion of waves with negative energy? This is super interesting. I know what I will spend the next weeks with!

So, which mathematical textbook is this?

Hint: The editor of the book series quotes Heaviside in his preface: "The series is divergent; therefore we may be able to do something with it."

Sometimes it's wonderful to do something useful away from the blackboard - analytical skills can be applied very broadly!

After months of acting up, the dishwasher (an old IKEA one) finally stopped working. Luckily my brother-in-law was in town and likes to tinker. We opened it up, cleaned a sensor (indicated in red), replaced a seal, and it works again! All without any training, just some respect for electricity. Three hours of fun avoided 35 kg waste and saved 1000 Euro.

Health-related (COVID19). Discusses ethical problems and could be considered political. 

This is somewhat off-topic (although there is a lot that could be said about the mathematics of COVID19 as well - maybe at a later time?).

Just posted some personal thoughts about getting vaccinated for COVID19 on my blog, as I needed to clarify that decision for myself and for some close ones. Might help someone else with their own decision(s)?

Blog post: folk.ntnu.no/muskulus/blog/vac

"Exercises. The reader is not required to do any of the exercises unless he cannot do them. Starred exercises are considerably more difficult, and should always be attempted."

From: "Mathematics Made Difficult"

Just discovered "Mathematics Made Difficult" (math.stackexchange.com/questio). It's a bit silly. But the potential!

"Simplicity is relative.To the great majority of mankind - mathematical ignoramuses - it is a simple fact, e.g., that 17x17=289, and a complicated one that in a principal ideal ring a finite subset of a set E suffices to generate the ideal generated by E. For the reader [...] the reverse is the case [...] Thus, the title of this book might equally well have been Mathematics Made Simple"


I live in a quiet Norwegian town, trying to be a mathematician. My aim is to write more, to climb every (other) day, and to get better at woodworking.

There is a mathematical problem I work on since 10+ years, but I will not tell you which. Well, my profile pic tells a story, kind of..

I have about π meters of mathematical monographs and textbooks that I still want to read in this life and a busy job - so be patient with me!

Blog: folk.ntnu.no/muskulus/blog/


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