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YouTube recommendation algorithm knows me better than I know myself. 

Centralized tech platforms are "handmaidens to authoritarianism"
- Carole Cadwalladr, who exposed the illegal facebook ads around #brexit

Democracy is threatened by too much power in the hands of just a few tech platforms!

sette risposte spiazzanti a chi dice "ma tu non sei normaleee"

- grazie, ho sempre pensato di essere speciale

- l'unica cosa normale è la morte

- la retta costava troppo

- chi la decide questa norma, tu?

- definisci "normale"

- qual è l'ultima cosa normale con cui hai avuto a che fare? (a risposta, confutare)

- vaffanculo

🇮🇹 There's an Italian language fork of which has just been updated at:

It's maintained by @marianom

🇫🇷 There's also a French language fork at:

which is maintained by @albakham

Any others I'm missing?

If you want to translate and/or alter to make your own version, go right ahead! is Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike, so you're allowed to use its contents within your own works.

More updates to @switchingsocial in : added Adobe CC, Microsoft Office and more.
Find that at 🇮🇹

If you want to help Framasoft translate the #joinmobilizon website into any language you are native in (other than French), you are welcome to contribute on the dedicated part of our forum:(

Please share, so we can inform the whole world about #Mobilizon, our federated and free-libre alternative to Facebook events and MeetUp.

Made some progress on the Italian translation of @switchingsocial this Sunday morning.
Check that out and help if you wish at

There's now a French version of at:

It's still a work in progress so please do give feedback to its maintainer @albakham

Also, @marianom is working on an Italian version at: is licensed under Creative Commons By-SA 4.0 (, so if you want to create your own version of the site (or use it in derivative works) that's absolutely fine 👍

#SwitchingSocial #Alternatives

how math is presented: "this knowledge came fully formed out of someone's head at the same pace that you are reading it"

how math is done: "this person became obsessed with a problem, worked on it for anywhere between a week and their entire lifetime, and finally produced a very messy version of this knowledge which was later refined and expanded by other mathematicians"

#SuperTuxKart is a free open game similar to Mario Kart, featuring open source mascots as the main characters.

The latest version (1.0) was released a couple of days ago, and introduces online multiplayer 🌐

There's also a story mode, single player, local multiplayer, various game types and lots of mods.

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android:

@ChrisWere did a detailed video about it a while ago, which includes gameplay footage:

I just downloaded . Am I a quantum developer now?

Passing by the supermarket to buy a fruit juice box; actually buying two weeks worth of shit, barely able to get that home. I'll go broke very soon this way


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