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Libre activists in Albania 🇦🇱 are doing their own version of (see photo) 👍 is available under a CC By SA licence, so if you want to do your own version in your own language, please go right ahead!

There are already versions in French, German, Italian and Turkish:

#Albania #Albanian #Alternatives

Open source and fediverse is really cool, but I have simple and the most valuable question: how to move your contacts to fediverse things? For example, all my colleagues and family use telegram for personal messaging and slack for work-related things. Could you give me some ideas about how to "advertise" such tools like matrix for them?

Forks of in other languages:

🇫🇷 French / En Français

🇩🇪 German / Auf Deutsch

🇮🇹 Italian / In Italiano

🇹🇷 Turkish / Türkçe

(These sites are run by their maintainers/owners, please contact them directly if you have feedback or suggestions.)

The power of accurate observations is commonly called cynicism by those who haven't got it. -- George Bernard Shaw

Big props to @omgubuntu and @protonmail for putting Mastodon links on their website templates alongside their centralised social media links (see attachments) :blobcheer:

This is great for normalising the concept of decentralised social media 👍

If you have a Fediverse account, please do mention it on your website! The more people see these icons, the more comfortable they will be finding out more.

#Fediverse #SocialMedia #Alternatives

In a big sprint today, all the listed on had their matching translation in ! Look at it on

Also @switchingsocial I suggest you add the new mobile apps that the Tor Browser released, they're really worth a try!

Facebook's role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

In risposta a una class action riguardante il caso di #CambridgeAnalytica, i legali del #social network hanno dichiarato che #Facebook non può aver violato i diritti di #privacy degli utenti perché “non c’è nessuna attesa di privacy” su Facebook e che “non c‘è nessuna invasione della privacy, perché non c’è privacy”. In originale: “no expectation of privacy... There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy.”

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