I resumed 3D printing; since my buddy started working he brought the machine at my place. I spent the morning leveling the bed and managed to print something for the house.

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If you can’t handle me when I’m depressed, you don’t deserve me when I’m vaguely sad

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the radical act of having a good time

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The worst thing about growing-up and Christmas is how sitting quietly reading your new book and ignoring everyone goes from "well-behaved, quiet child" to "rude and antisocial".

Natale in famiglia
avevo dimenticato il livello di trash di TG4

My back hurts and I'm definitely too young for that. I need some exercise.

Start respecting New Year's resolutions now.

your last saved selfie is you on the outside and your last saved meme is you on the inside
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your last saved selfie is you on the outside and your last saved meme is you on the inside twitter.com/baublesnbraids/sta t.co/MrnpqtvH2y

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You only get to be alive for a brief interval. Maybe 4000 weeks if you're lucky.

Try to enjoy it!

L'eredità dei padri.

«L'umanità è vista come una grande famiglia: i privilegi dei genitori procedono di pari passo con la responsabilità per il benessere dei figli.»

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“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” ― Carl Sagan

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gentle reminder that your body will eventually die and rot

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“Nine Reasons Why I Have a Brand-New Tesla, a Full-Time Startup Job, an Online Side Hustle, and a Great Family, While You Retweet the Dalai Lama, Like a Loser” nyer.cm/sWfv0Ra

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When you talk with someone in your dreams, you're really speaking with a dummy ventriloquised by your own subconscious. Your mind is talking with itself. And if you can fool yourself into thinking you are other people, could you have fooled yourself into thinking you are... you?

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