The owner, Naples Municipality @ComuneNapoli , is silent. The surrounding Municipality, Pozzuoli, is openly hostile. The Italian government is no more, again.

When no one is safeguarding the commons, the have to safeguard themselves.

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This might be an interesting take on @exmonachelle , an abandoned place in Italy, forgotten by institutions.

It's been almost 4 years citizens are striving everyday to revive it but nothing is moving in the administration.
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Startup cities

One definition is that the city acts like a startup. See Miami, Singapore, and Dubai.

Another is that the city itself is a startup. See,, and http:…

Pulizia della spiaggia programmata per sabato mattina. Torniamo a prenderci cura del nostro territorio.

And with aliases it is now possible to reference equations, without showing them everywhere in the text

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The review of the LaTeX editor in @rem_note is fantastic, congrats!

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“Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.” ― Margaret Atwood

Il webinar "Governo del territorio e partecipazione civica - Quale legalità?" è stata una preziosa esperienza di confronto e discussione. Trovare le registrazioni degli interventi al link

sometimes I wonder if @AthensResearch could be the next emacs. obviously not technically the clone, but the program in which I can upload my brain and merge myself with the machine

maybe i'm a bit naïve thinking that

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2. this year's theme might be opening up, connecting with kin people, show more and better what i'm doing in my life. almost none of my friends are on twitter, so the target is to go international
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I noticed that I was using Twitter in between the cracks, consuming more than I contribute.

In 2021 I want to work more with the garage door open, and dedicate time to nurture relationships with people I find inter…

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1. don't make resolutions: they can fail, and I will spend the rest of the year observing my misery

choose a theme instead

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Domani avrò l'onore di condurre il webinar "Governo del territorio e partecipazione civica - quale legalità?"
Abbiamo ricevuto molti riscontri positivi e contiamo sulla partecipazione di ospiti di grande spessore.

Ci si vede nella live su Facebook:
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Siamo pronti. Ci vediamo domani, venerdì 08 gennaio 2021 alle 16:00. Siate puntuali perché inizieremo subito!


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These people were all radicalized on Facebook. This event was organized on Facebook. This violence is an inevitable manifestation of the conspiracy, vitriol and hate fed to people daily on Facebook.

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there are much more activities I'm missing right now: on top of the head cineforums, charity fundraisers, talk shows, professional courses (matlab, mathematica…) I'm falling asleep however, I might continue later on

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β. a cohort based approach: people who get the package also get to participate in live sessions where people and instructors simultaneously tinker with the instruments. I feel this would be so much more engaging and funnier than α alone, and it is ultimately compatible with α too

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I imagine at least two valid options:
α. a learning platform: you publish learning material, writing instructions to set up the instruments, posting videos about the experiments they can accomplish, that they can consult whenever they want;

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