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Messier 45: The Daughters of Atlas and Pleione

Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona #APoD

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The moves will be made quite clear by a reference to the diagrams, which show the position on the board after each of the four moves. The darts indicate the successive removals that have been made. It will be seen that at every stage all the squares are either attacked or occupied, and that after the fourth move no queen attacks any other. In the case of the last move the queen in the top row might also have been moved one

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Sea or Khwarizm Sea, a region near the Aral Sea in south-central Asia and the birthplace of the ninth-century mathematician Muhammad ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi (780?-850?)

\[ \frac{n!}{k!(n-k)!} = \binom{n}{k}\]

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The magic cube is in my hands. My brain is to solve the problem of the magic cube. One of the uneasy consternation.

Hi everyone. I have a master's degree in Mathematics and computer science and I love mathematics and numbers. I am interested in number theory, algebra, cryptography, mathematical analysis and the history of mathematics. My life is connected with teaching children mathematics, programming and creating mathematical puzzles for them. Although I'm not a strong mathematician, but I try to cope with complex mathematical problems. I'm also a free software enthusiast.


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