Inspired by the recent fuss about who Michael Bloomberg could give $1 million to, I've made a thing on @glitch which asks for your net worth then tells you where in the USA you could give everyone $1 million (or $1, or $100, or ...)

I almost tooted a programing question but then I remember how important the struggle is of trial and error. Some day this program is going to print out a list of numbers converging to pi based upon a series, but that day may not be today.

Does anyone have successful stories of teaching/ learning Geometry?Pattern recognition seems like the opposite of the logic and problem solving that is used in the Elements. I feel like I fail as a teacher when students can't work through a solution that they have not seen before.

Euclid's Elements. Book 1. Proposition 4. (SAS). Proof done by Superposition

If two triangles have two sides equal to two sides respectively, and have the angles contained by the equal straight lines equal, then they also have the base equal to the base, the triangle equals the triangle, and the remaining angles equal the remaining angles respectively, namely those opposite the equal sides.

Euclid's Elements. Book 1. Proposition 3

"To cut off from the greater of two given unequal straight lines a straight line equal to the less."

Euclid's Elements. Book 1. Proposition 2

"To place a straight line equal to a given straight line[BC] with one end at a given point[A]."

Euclid's Elements. Book 1. Proposition 1.

"To construct an equilateral triangle on a given finite straight line."


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