Speaking of Undertale, it is probably the most emotional games I’ve ever played. If you like story games (with a few action(?)/RPG elements, just play it. Better enjoyed spoiler-free.


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Started playing Moon this week on my Switch. Pretty quirky game, the writing and character design is just great. Unfortunately it is a little too slow for my head to handle. A few qualities of life would have made it perfect (at least fast-forwarding would be pretty useful for experimenting). It is quite an experience, if you are in the right mindset. It also inspired undertale.


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Shin Megami Tensei V (2021)

I decided to buy my switch when this was announced a few years ago. It fulfilled my quite high expectations. It’s a quite solid dungeon crawler with an okay story. While it’s story is a little bit sparse, it’s main beats hit hard. One could say it is a more modern take on SMT3. You travel through a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, can befriend demons (maybe a not good choice for the english translation), and things happen.

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The sabotage game has two players: Blocker and Runner, Every turn, Blocker erases one edge and then Runner moves one step. Runner wins the game iff they can reach the ‘exit’ of the graph.

In the graph below, who wins the game?
Answer below.

For clearness: the start is at the upper left corner, and the exit is at the lower right corner. The graph is non directed multigraph, so there are two paths from the start to the center and so on.

This puzzle is originally by van Benthem,

I’ve finished reading van Benthem’s “Modal Logic for Open Minds” this week. Pretty good book, really fun.

It is an introductory book for modal logic, which I read after working with and taking a class about it. The motivations are quite well explained from both mathematical and philosophical point of views.
Indeed, I could finally “get” bisimulations.



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