I’ll use this thread to register a few comments on games I’ve been playing recently. Most of them will be JRPGs, but I’ll also post about other genres. These will be mostly spoiler freeI will probably add one or two reviews whenever I’m in the mood.

So 0/\(\infty\).

Shin Megami Tensei V (2021)

I decided to buy my switch when this was announced a few years ago. It fulfilled my quite high expectations. It’s a quite solid dungeon crawler with an okay story. While it’s story is a little bit sparse, it’s main beats hit hard. One could say it is a more modern take on SMT3. You travel through a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, can befriend demons (maybe a not good choice for the english translation), and things happen.

The demons are based on creatures/gods of many real world religions. While they include many from christian mythology, most are from other religions (the shinto god which names the shrine near my home was in SMT4). The main character can befriend and fuse them. You actually need to convince/bribe demons to have new partners, so it’s not just a random throw, and each one has a different approach. Also the main character has a nice hair.


The battle system is the same since SMT3, each party member gets a turn, and gets one more for hitting an effective move; while the same holds for you enemies. My build choice was a mix of physical attack, with some support moves; I got my demons to have magics and other support skills. I still need to play the New Game+ to get the ending I actually wanted.

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Started playing Moon this week on my Switch. Pretty quirky game, the writing and character design is just great. Unfortunately it is a little too slow for my head to handle. A few qualities of life would have made it perfect (at least fast-forwarding would be pretty useful for experimenting). It is quite an experience, if you are in the right mindset. It also inspired undertale.


Speaking of Undertale, it is probably the most emotional games I’ve ever played. If you like story games (with a few action(?)/RPG elements, just play it. Better enjoyed spoiler-free.


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