The upside of this is that it’s been snowing more or less nonstop for several days and keeping a relatively consistent 4-6 inches on the ground, which is enough to be pretty but not too disruptive

The temperature spread here over the last 24 hours is 25-27 F. It was only TWO DEGREES cooler at 2 am than at noon. Did someone forget to turn the sun on???

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These two ex-Uber programmers want to replace tv stations with paralysis

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Holy shit, physicists at SLAC made a particle accelerator that fits on a computer chip

I got off my bus and walked 15 minutes across campus (with a low blood sugar!) because I thought I left my headphones in a classroom. Get there, don’t see them, finally decide to check my computer bag again. Sure enough, there they are. I lost my (over ear) headphones in my computer bag. It has one pocket and room for like 5 notebooks. They’re the biggest thing in there. HOW

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I'm playing a game of Lexicon rn and I volunteered to write a MediaWiki extension for the GM. I decided to test in a VM instead of setting up a local install. Installing VirtualBox and Vagrant and firing up the sandboxed server has been a remarkably painless process. I'm always surprised when things like this Just Work

I hate these frozen food packages that say “servings per container: 3” when they are very clearly an average size portion for one person, just so the numbers on the nutrition label on lower

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emailing my advisor like 'eyyyyy so are we meeting ever?'

Oh this opening credit sequence is an instant classic

Firing up the copy of Death Stranding I got for Christmas. I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared

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I wanted to write a prime generator, but all the popular languages already have optimised ones I can't compete with.


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Playing PvP on my ADHD meds has made me wonder if professional gaming leagues have doping regulations

Coming back after a fairly lengthy absence, it’s nice to still see a lot of old faces around. I was worried y’all would’ve all moved on already. The transience of online communities is a blessing and a curse I suppose

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