I am standing outside, in Seattle, in the pitch dark, and I’m sweating from the heat and humidity. It isn’t even June yet!

Someone’s gonna pay for this

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Okay but also, some birds rub ants on themselves, it's called "anting" and we're not like, *totally* sure why they do it, maybe it helps them stay clean, maybe it deters parasites, maybe, honestly, it's just something to do, why does anyone do anything, rub some ants on yourself

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

classic car fawning 

Neat find in the parking lot today. Looks like a Porsche 356, ‘57 maybe?

Selfie, ec 

On the other hand, I look damn cute in apocalypse chic

(Just ignore the shoddy seam work and messy hair, yeah?)

Finally finished sewing my mask. I chose microfiber for the outer layer because it’s nonwoven and hence less porous, and t shirt fabric for the inner liner because I could be sure it was 100% cotton.

Boy let me tell you, those are fucking *awful* fabrics to work with. They’re both so stretchy and since the microfiber doesn’t have weave to separate it just tears constantly instead.

Learn from my mistakes kids

Quick poll: anyone not on Mac or Windows (which I imagine is a fair number of people here) what OS so you use? I.e if you’re on Linux or a Linux-like system what distro are you running, etc.

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So, if anyone wants a copy of The Oxford Solid State Basics (or any other textbook for that matter, I probably have access to it) let me know

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Yesterday there was a flurry of news on social media reporting John H. Conway's death from the coronavirus, and we're starting to see confirmation in more reliable sources. Here are some appreciations by Peter Cameron (cameroncounts.wordpress.com/20), Terry Tao (terrytao.wordpress.com/2020/04), and Scott Aaronson (scottaaronson.com/blog/?p=4732).

One of my textbooks has Adobe DRM (the kind where you can only download it with Digital Editions) and I don’t have any reason I need to try and break the DRM but I’m still tempted to do it out of pure spite

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If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a good one.
If you don't celebrate Easter, celebrate those chocolate sales after

The only good thing about the warmer weather is the cool but not cold evening walks

Also, I know the first line to that song is “check out the skylark” but I still hear it as “Chekhov’s skylark”, which makes me giggle

“If an author goes to the effort to mention the presence of the skylark, you know that it will likely murder someone later in the story”

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Soaring early 00s guitar riffs are a quick way to my heart. The intro to Rialto by Laura Veirs makes me swoon every time

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