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@jordyd Literally my life except 'latex full width hat' (not much less bad). There needs to be a subject: specifier other than just .. more words.

I'm sorry, but the best part of the semester ending will be deleting GeoGebra from my laptop.

2ndary advisor was happy with the weekly update and feels my writing schedule is slightly ambitious. Lots of JustKeepSwimming.gif energy there. I refuse to bend or waver; this is the schedule, and I will achieve it. But their optimism (and realism) helps a lot.

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all of the pre-Euro currencies had cooler names. marcs, schillings, liras, escudos (shields), drachmas, crowns, golds, pesetas, francs, lats, and of course, punts.

a shame it would be impossible to just use one of them.

I for one would have preferred the Euro zeni, Euro gold, Euro dragon, Euro castar, or even the Euro gil.

@bstacey To be fair with myself, I do have a lot of already written material from work in the winter, so I'm not starting from zero. But I'm still not comfortable with the pace; this needs to speed up.

@bstacey The end-total is supposed to 'feel right' for a masters thesis, which I've confirmed with the profs I'm correct as interpreting as around 50-60 pages reasonably formatted. But I'm having a hard time producing more than 5 pages a week when I need twice that to complete in a reasonable timeframe. I have plenty of material, and if nothing else I hope it will go faster once I get out of this slog of a 'background' chapter I'm saddled with, but it's worrying me.

Major ThatsNotGoodEnough.gif energy on my pagecount. =/

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@KitRedgrave In this case it's a matter of reading stuff where, in that class I desperately took notes hoping someday I'd understand what I was writing and had no idea how I passed, but now I finally have the background I should have had before beginning it.

Suddenly understanding stuff I was supposed to know at the end of classes ages ago is both exciting and enmiserating.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are great for intention-laundering

@CoronaCoreanici I fell back on 'two roots of unity in the base field'; it was an honest but weak save.

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