It does not bode excellently for my talk (in the same time slot in just over a week) when the hardest part is my body wanting to be asleep already. Talk rocked though.

@dredmorbius @sean Irony: Those are the stores I have a harder time finding things in. :( Never could get the hang of Trader Joes.

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The fact that grocery stores are designed with a confusing layout to keep people shopping for longer is the perfect metaphor for the capitalist hellscape we find ourselves trapped in.
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money beg, career-changing, not my own 

A good online friend of mine has finally (finally!!) obtained an opportunity. This will get her out of the frying pan and back into the wide world of the employed academic. I cannot express how hard she's worked for this!

Just one catch: She has to get there.

"A university in Armenia has hired me at short notice, but they don't reimburse my airfare, my various paperwork costs or my housing deposit." -- Mel

I watched this with my daughter last night, and now she wants to build the layers cube from it .. and I want to play with some of the algebra. Perfect balance of fun for all levels.

@bstacey Ok but short difficult sequences get to eventually repeat themselves so they don't feel left out.

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idea: a Masto instance with one user for each entry in the OEIS, each of which posts one item in its sequence at a time

... I didn't say it was a *good* idea

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@rysiek @resist1984 there are a few success stories, like Katharine Berry taking over the Pebble watch servers to start the Rebble community:

I'm looking at the format for this year, and it looks a lot more Q&A heavy than last year? Shorter talks, longer chats? Am I reading this right?

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one time a CS professor took points off an assignment (build interpreting calculator in assembly) and I had to bring in my number theory textbook to demonstrate that it is in fact the C language that does division incorrectly

@Rod916 I mean, yes, though in practice no? I can't multifocus that well in person so reserve it for when I'm not confused and someone else is. But online talks, I'm an absolutely horrible text chat shitposter during and probably running at least three simultaneous conversations other than watching the lecture and taking notes. Not that I'm clear how this relates to anything. 🙂

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I absolutely love the explosion of tech creativity that #ActivityPub brought onto the world.

Turns out having a single well-defined protocol with multiple implementations lets people Do Fun Things. <3

A bit over 8 years I posed a question about finding a common protocol to the Federated Social Web W3C mailing list:

The thread offers a decent snapshot of why people felt this "single protocol" approach is impossible.

Happy ActivityPub was able to prove them wrong!

on mathematics? No, alas, not yet. [ominous] But there will be...

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Tfw you increase the stroke width on a line graph 

The plot thickens

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Academia question:

I'm co-authoring a research paper with three others. None of us wants to be lead author; we want the responsibility shared and we do want names to appear. Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, is there a way to avoid a lead author by leading with a collective pseudonym or something similar, and then listing authors after this? Is there a "protest standard" for people who object to this culture? Has anyone any experience or seen how others have done this?

I have no . I aim to recover to the point of putting things back in order to begin having progress. This counts.

Looking at the calendar... Looking for my hours. Tell me there are a solid 40 in here somewhere. But stop lying.

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