n hours of plowing through books (mostly Weber) later, I feel energized about my work .. and completely frozen, because coats aren't allowed in the library but the heat was off. Definitely coffee time!

@j Neither are backpacks. You put your things in a little transparent plastic basket... Yeah, I didn't use the libraries for the first two years of my time here because I couldn't get used to it.

@kimreece Are you studying in an airport security line?

Like, WTF, no backpacks or coats is just ludicrous. My university just checked your uni ID card on entry to the library, and that was it. As long as you weren't spilling food everywhere, or spraying the books with your water bottle, you were allowed in.

Whereabouts is this? (If you're comfortable disclosing)

@j University of Goettingen. The schools I went to in the USA didn't do this. There are lockers in the major libraries so you have somewhere chipcard-locked to store your stuff, but you do at peak hours end up with students walking the aisles of the locker hall as if roaming a parking lot, hoping for a locker so they can get into the library already. The math library doesn't have lockers, but we're a very quiet department, and there are shelves for the backpacks.


@j Normally if I'm planning a library day I wear an extra thick sweater. :) But the heat was on last week, and I didn't expect the cold snap.

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@kimreece Jesus. You're a postgrad as well right?

Even as an undergrad, I wasn't subject to as much scrutiny.

@j *shrugs* To be fair, we also have a lot of material in the open stacks you would be exceedingly lucky to find elsewhere. I don't have any need for special collections, and I still found myself spending hours with books over a hundred years old today, going from one to another digging up cross-references, as easy as you please. I don't mind if they want people to be a bit more mindful with the space; it seems to be working from a curation standpoint. (And folks do bring in water bottles.)

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