prof: "Let 8 stand for \(\delta\) since we weren't using it anyway."
book: "Let 1 denote a set with ..."

math i -- Numbers mean numbers of things!
math ii -- Letters mean numbers of things!
math iii -- Letters mean things of kinds!
math iv -- Numbers mean things of kinds...
math v -- Cthulhu

ah, page 9 and the phrase "its tentacles extend" has occurred; I was right

@kimreece I've done this in Lisp before. It's fun, but not recommend.

@hirojin I heard of some obscure bugs in FORTRAN 4 apparently induced by accidental assignment to numbers.

@hirojin (not yelling; it really was adamantly spelled that way, sigh.)

@kimreece i do wonder when the "downgrade" came? a, apparently, with Fortran 90

@hirojin During the '90s I heard several heated arguments for either capitalization when referring to 77. Glad to know they've finally settled on one that doesn't require a 'once upon an BCDIC' footnote.

@hirojin ( was the encoding used on the IBM 704 which was the first system FORTRAN was written for, and it didn't have lower case)

@hirojin The legacy continues... Obsolete languages are probably still my most monetarily valued skill, despite utter lack of practice.

@kimreece maybe i should've stuck to COBOL in school, rather than switching to networking…

but "learning" PL/I deterred me from programming for the almost a decade.

@hirojin Deterrence is the first step in preserving sanity. I bounced from "if all else fails I can code" to coding to burnout to .. etc .. until I went back to university desperate to not end up coding again, which will probably end in my having to code to keep the bills paid.

@kimreece Programming with soft typing, accidentally using a digit as a variable and then wondering why you're getting radically wild values...

@BalooUriza After a few more books like this, I might do that on purpose without noticing it was odd and just keep going...

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