John Harris, at the Guardian, contrasts the grim political present with the counter-culture exemplified by the Beatles' epochal "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band". That narrative had emerged in my mind in nearly identical form. That albums was made in 1967. How could half a century pass and we're back in an age of nationalism? Seriously, how could it come to this?

@gideonro However, I think a decisive historical watershed is the introduction the idea that the times of the son will be more advanced than the times of the father. I'm not sure when that thinking emerged. It was established during the age of Jules Verne, but not in 1400. And it's definitely not a Christian phenomenon.

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So, in amongst updating Mastodon, I've made the site a little bit more mathsy: the logo now has a matrix \[ \begin{pmatrix}x&&\\&y&\\&&z\end{pmatrix}\] in it, and the site uses the Computer Modern fonts for that extra-mathematical look

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Brain Games Don't Appear to Improve General Working Memory

That's the theory behind many brain games: If you improve overall working memory, which is fundamental to so much of what we do every day, then you can enhance performance in many areas of your life.

The team examined whether improving working memory would translate to better performance on other tasks or as the researchers called it: "far transfer."

In short, no.

@ColinTheMathmo @christianp What LaTeX technology do you use here? I'm asking because I know from my blog that KaTeX renders way faster than MathJax.

Hi folks, I'm a software engineer and computer scientist with some mathematical battle scars. Ironically, I was just in the process of lowering my social-networks activities, for reasons of life balance. But a federated social network has long been a dream of mine, so I need to check this out :grin:


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