Does the definition of Conway base 13 function (implicitly) use the Axiom of Choice somewhere?

btw, I really miss doing "real" math, wish I had the time and motivation...

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This week I read like five language related papers for machine learning from the 2000s or earlier and it's really shocking how much the field has changed these last 20 years.

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People from Mathstodon: if you want to share your maths with people from other instances, keep in mind that LaTeX rendering is only available on a browser, and for people also on mathstodon.

If you still want to write formulas, mathstodon can be used to export LaTeX to unicode, like \sum to ∑, \prod to ∏, and so on.

Just click on the Tab key and if your equation can be rendered using unicode it will be transformed.

Example: ϕ(x)=∑ₖⁿ xᵏ

It's not perfect, but you can see it on a phone app!

So I haven't made my yet.

I'm José but my friends call me JT. I have a weird cursus, I studied maths, have a Master's in finance modeling and then went on for a PhD in Ecology (where I mostly did PDE simulations lol). Now I'm a Data Scientist 'cause I decided the academia wasn't for me.
I still like reading math stuff, and I have way more math books I want to read than I could in a reasonable time.

I also have a less serious account at @jt_ where I toot in Spanish

Ayuda no entiendo esto.

mestare bolbiendo bumer¿?


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