I get that maths has historically used non-latin characters, but can we agree that at some point, using an English word wouldn't kill you?

Me at work: "That's more regex than I ever want to see again"
Me at home: Writes more regex

The original UK NCSC article had much better detail, but I really appreciate this sort of thing hitting mainstream news. It's good seeing stuff you've argued for years getting credibility. theguardian.com/technology/201

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Wotan is a good boy and deserves boosts. If you don't boost him he will be sad

Can we all take a moment to think about the impact on Assange's cat?

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"Starting a Gradle Daemon, 1 incompatible Daemon could not be reused"


did I scuff the circle of protection or

According to the leading SEO product, this is the number one competitor to my tech blog. And you wonder why that industry is a shambles.

It's just a request for a medical consultation. You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide right?

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It only took Solarwinds seven months to respond to a vulnerability report. After which they informed me I needed to go request a CVE myself for it to be actioned. CVE-2019-10690 is now issued.

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PowerShell is not bad; just the default settings are not developer-friendly. Look at the awesome list for PowerShell. github.com/janikvonrotz/awesom

I recommend:
1. PSReadLine (for customising key bindings)
2. posh-git (for Git extension)

I'm surprised how well this project really works: A bot that generates text based on discussions on 4chan. It just said "I don't see a canoe" to me. steve.22chan.org/

So.. back up your MFA backdoor codes. I thought I lost mine and.. spend a few days pondering the best way to access this account.

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A web dev asked me how I did some dynamic loading stuff on this web thing I’ve been building and asked me what JS library I was using. When I told him it’s just HTML, he said he didn’t realize that was possible.

He didn’t know server side rendered HTML was a thing

So the mardi gras is on right now but it will be "streamed live" in 24 hours. Is this the power of Internet marketing?

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