Interleave the words to make a common nine-letter word, with the letters of the given words appearing in order. For example:
(chat, racer) \(\to\) CHAracTer,
(rely, dives) \(\to\) diveRsELY.

1. (tram, stage)
2. (dirt, super)
3. (brig, lumen)
4. (sped, tamed)
5. (race, heath)
6. (rent, sting)
7. (race, seven)

Solutions, maybe 


1. Stratagem
2. Disrupter(?)
3. Lumbering
4. Stampeded
5. Heartache
6. Stringent
7. Severance


Solutions, maybe 

@shonk Those were the solutions I had in mind!

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