OK so today all the available evidence is telling me that the maths word for "on the same line" is "collinear" with two Ls and it's pronounced like it's spelled, like it's about Colin's ear, and just what the hell? I've been writing and saying "colinear" and just what is this?


@andrewt It's the prefix col- which sometimes occurs in latin-derived words instead of co- or com- with base words that begin with an 'l'. You see it in "collateral" and "colloquial" and even in "college" and "collegial." That said, I think the one-l version, "colinear" is widely accepted as correct these days.

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@jsiehler Oh, cool, I had properly no idea. Never occured to me that 'coll-' words were a family, much less part of one I knew, but it makes a lot of sense now.

Still aesthetically not a fan of 'collinear' but maybe it will grow on me.


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