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How to sell whatever are you selling to people with no good explanation how it works? Just put "quantum" in front of your product name.

Hi everyone. I have a master's degree in Mathematics and computer science and I love mathematics and numbers. I am interested in number theory, algebra, cryptography, mathematical analysis and the history of mathematics. My life is connected with teaching children mathematics, programming and creating mathematical puzzles for them. Although I'm not a strong mathematician, but I try to cope with complex mathematical problems. I'm also a free software enthusiast.

I have no idea how the hell I stack up so much static electricity just by lying in bed. I get shoked whenever I touch something metal afterwards, its really annoying.

Librem 5 by purism looks promising, I guess I should save some money.

Interesting "two kinds of people" I stumbled upon 

There are two kinds of people: stupid and evil. This is lyrics from local rock band called "Blockout", but maybe someone else had this idea before them, it feels very on point, although their songs can be very depressive and this is sad divison.

I've learned the hard way that you can't have two SSDs with two different OS and access them separetaly on boot menu. Maybe its better this way, its clean boot now, for both windows and ubuntu.

Gonna try and install Matlab on Ubuntu, I hope it will work.

Anyone else having problems with installing Riot from F-Droid?

Thinking of writing script of slab and shell theory and LaTeX is perfect for this task but drawings are going to be a little problem. AutoCad should handle that nicely but I have to switch to Windows...

Movie night 

Gonna watch in 20 mins Alien horor movie, with my grandpa, brothers and sisters. Youngest sister requested that movie (she is 15), and we are going to have a lot of fun with popcorns and jump scares.

Movement (displacment) is in elastic area, but crowd jumping frequency is close to structure's own frequency, which means resonance.

I really want to attend chess tournament at my college, but I'm afraid that I will get rekt, decent part of students play chess at their free time and I haven't played in months.

"I integrate automatically,
Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses,
Can't define how I be droppin these constan(tie)s" - \(\mu tang clan\)

Drawing of dodecahedron by Leonardo da Vinci with no surfaces which shows its structure, and how genious he was to visualise this in 16th century and draw it so nicely.

#YouTubeWakeUp (highly disturbing) 


The video below is *incredibly disturbing* to watch, but holy fuck do we need to be aware of it. The recommendation algorithm is serving minors in sexual poses all over paedophile's homepage. All it takes is a seemingly benign search (like "yoga") and a few clicks.

I'm really pissed off that there still isn't Linux compatible version of AutoCad and any structural analysis software which integrates with it. That would make my switch complete and Windows completely useless.

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