You can add different DNS server in your router settings, if the problem is messed up DNS address.

Hello, but this is not my first toot here, I guess fedilab messed up something. Nevermind it, mathstodon is still very cool

Questions about and DNS resolver 

How do you like it? Do they feel faster than regular ISP resolver or Google DNS resolver?

Do you play starcraft 2 maybe? If you do we can play sometime

I've managed to set it up for android, only downside is that I have to restart printer for every new document that is to be printed, dunno why I have to do it.

I have installed cups service for android, and it can detect printer over wifi but when trying to connect I'm getting "Connection refused" prompt. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, google didn't help me much.

Such a great idea for wireless printing. I managed to setup for ubuntu and successfuly printed a file. How did you make it to work on mobile? I'm strugling with it, and I'm on android

Yes, I'll do that too but I'll use Nextcloud. Maybe also setup Pi Hole

I can do it for you but I won't be near my computer until tomorrow night. Could you please draw by hand on piece of paper what exactly do you have in mind? In AutoCad there is option to draw geometric shapes by inputing area of shape, that wont be a problem

rant, vent, exasperate, pol, insane-even-by-copyright-standards 

I hate scribd so much, but it appears that everything I need is hosted there. Such cancerous site.

Chess.com nickname auto-generator gave me DrearyBaboon nickname. I like it very much.

Computerphile video about haveibeenpwned.com and pwned passwords, copy/pastas in toot for use 

This video shows relatively secure way how to check that your passwords are in some online database.
Generating SHA1 from cli:

echo -n yourpassword | sha1sum
Pulling hashes from pwnedpasswords.com

curl api.pwnedpasswords.com/range/* first 5 characters from
hashed password

Link to video:

Irrational fears 

Thats what I say but people don't believe me :)

Irrational fears 

I have two irrational fears, needles and height, and I'm gonna face them both today.

There is virus that could wipe out all mosquitoes (only mosquitoes) from planet but scientists are afraid of how it might have impact on ecosystem. I say, just do it (in furious Shia LaBeouf style).

If YouTube seems too slow on Firefox, this is quick fix 

This is relatively old, but people still don't know about it. To fix it you type about:config in new tab, right click on any setting and select New>String. Then copy/paste these:
Name: general.useragent.override.youtube.com
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0

When you go to YouTube old format should appear and load much faster. For dark theme you can use Stylus addon.

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