Got my raspberry pi, any interesting use for it?

I had trouble thinking up good uses myself. I settled on a personal fileshare/backup host using OwnCloud; it's nice, not spectacular, but I learned a lot along the way.

Yes, I'll do that too but I'll use Nextcloud. Maybe also setup Pi Hole

@johnathan012 I scoured the internet for suggestions and came up with two that made sense to me: turn an old printer into a wireless printer (this will help my parents print directly from their ipads), or make a retro gaming centre using a bunch of retro game emulators.

Such a great idea for wireless printing. I managed to setup for ubuntu and successfuly printed a file. How did you make it to work on mobile? I'm strugling with it, and I'm on android

I have installed cups service for android, and it can detect printer over wifi but when trying to connect I'm getting "Connection refused" prompt. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, google didn't help me much.

@johnathan012 actually I never followed through on those projects, At the moment mine is nothing more than a cheap computer! I think I will try the printer thing next time I visit my parents though.

I've managed to set it up for android, only downside is that I have to restart printer for every new document that is to be printed, dunno why I have to do it.

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