Questions about and DNS resolver 

How do you like it? Do they feel faster than regular ISP resolver or Google DNS resolver? nickname auto-generator gave me DrearyBaboon nickname. I like it very much.

Computerphile video about and pwned passwords, copy/pastas in toot for use 

This video shows relatively secure way how to check that your passwords are in some online database.
Generating SHA1 from cli:

echo -n yourpassword | sha1sum
Pulling hashes from

curl* first 5 characters from
hashed password

Link to video:

Irrational fears 

I have two irrational fears, needles and height, and I'm gonna face them both today.

There is virus that could wipe out all mosquitoes (only mosquitoes) from planet but scientists are afraid of how it might have impact on ecosystem. I say, just do it (in furious Shia LaBeouf style).

If YouTube seems too slow on Firefox, this is quick fix
This is relatively old, but people still don't know about it. To fix it you type about:config in new tab, right click on any setting and select New>String. Then copy/paste these:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0

When you go to YouTube old format should appear and load much faster. For dark theme you can use Stylus addon.

Nothing like strong wind to refresh this coal/sulphur stenched air in town.

EU is cancelling winter/summer time adjustmensts in 2021, finally.

Goodbye Facebook 

Finally deleted Facebook. I've been using only messenger for one specific group where are my (drinking) friends from highschool, and this deletion doesn't mean that I wont hang out with them anymore, facebook is just crap. And whats with this 30 day "second thought" period?

If there are no cracks in concrete elements whole philosophy of concrete structures could fit in 100 pages book.

Some toots about number 163 

Also \(163\) has property of giving almost whole number when used in \(e^{\sqrt{163}\pi}=262537412640768743.9999999999992500 ...\) as one of Ramanujan constants. It has some more properties as being one of "lucky" and "fortunate" math numbers, and gives good aproximations of \(e\) and \(\pi\) . Pretty stacked up number, if you ask me.

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Some toots about number 163 

Heegner numbers are numbers which don't show unique factorisation in that new defined system, so for example \(6=2*3\) is also \(6=(1+\sqrt{-5})(1-\sqrt{5})\), here 5 is Heegner number, and \(163\) also has that property and its last proven number to have that property.

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Some toots about number 163 

So factorised \(a²+b² = c²\) in new system (which involves imaginary numbers) is now \(a²+b²=(a-ib)+(a+ib)\) and that system had to have same property of unique factorisation of whole numbers, unique factorisation means that any whole number \(w\) can be written as unique product of prime numbers, and this works for \(\sqrt{-1}\)

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Some toots about number 163 

I've noticed that I'm close to \(163)\. toot, so I'll toot something very cool about this number.
\(163)\ is largest of nine Heegner numbers, and I'll explain what those are as I understand it. Gauss :gauss: wanted to identify all perfect Pythagorian :pythagoras: triplets which are whole numbers \(a, b ,c\) that satisfy \(a²+b² = c²\). To do that he had to involve complex numbers and come up with new factorisation system.

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