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Young people complaining about cops (UK).

Part 3

I've known some cops and the absolute last thing they want is to have an insane neo-nazi colleague who beats the shit out of people. But those are the people who tend to want to join up. Where are the rationalists? Where are the cool headed lefties? Moaning on the internet, that's where.

Young people complaining about cops (UK).

Part 2

If you obsess over the police and the shitty ways the behave, one of the better ways to change it would be to join it yourself.

They are an organisation desperate for rational and kind members who don't have a GBH in their own personal history.

Young people complaining about cops (UK). In the US your cops are homicidal maniacs so I can't comment.

Part 1

I think people complain about cops because the cops they encounter are exactly the ones who would piss anyone off. The police is bigger than that.

There's this huge CID side who investigate things like prostitutes being cut up into small pieces. Would you really rather that softly spoken hippies were all that the state could throw after pimps?

We had a conversation about tropical animals but then it kinda tapired off.

Not being an American, I could burn my nation's flag without getting jumped. But living in the EU, it would be made from non-combustive materials and would not take light.

Not being an American, I've completely ignored everything to do with patriotism all my life, and I've never been jumped by hillbillies. Not even once.

Feeling slightly less dead today, and so hoping to get some hobby programming done later :)

US Conservatives: We must protect free speech at all costs.


US Conservatives: Anyone who protest about what we do is a traitor to the state!

We always thought that car-stealing, sexually rampant, art vandal of a man was a fool. But turns out there was a massive pressure buildup on his brain. The docs put a shunt into his skull and he has behaved like a normal person ever since.

@gleech Forced Me Gay by Chuck Tingle

Fluuuuu aching all over owwwww

What kind of cod-piece is appropriate for the office?

Looking to enhance my masculinity in front of my peers.

Looking for a website with a GOLD colour theme!

One that implies that gold pixels are somehow more exclusive than other colours of pixel, and that the proprietors are truly up-market. Do you know what I mean?

"Area 51" (2015) starts with four males in a car. They stop to take tequila shots. I couldn't watch any further.

Another weird thing warping the usage of US imports is that in America rich people like to show off their wealth, whereas in the UK wealthy people want to project dignity rather than wealth.

So people who act like rich Californians buying all the toys is pretty rare. When you see someone with so many toys here, "debt problem" comes to mind.

Rich people wear tweed, not Gucci.

This is probably why I find Paranormal Activity so distasteful.

A lot of US imports seem a bit weird when you look at who uses them here, compared to who uses them in America.

For instance, the only people I've met who drive a big american pickup trucks were nerdy scientists working for the Forestry Commission.

Young men in the UK project their masculinity by driving one of these instead. Look at the neons! You can almost feel the penis.

A loved elderly relative died a few years ago. He was a member of a baptist church in Kirkcaldy, Fife. They ran the funeral and it was there I learned that US style baptism does not fit in Scotland.

It's meant to "PRAYYYYSE JESUS! Prais Hymmmmm. Praise tha Lawd! Halllllllllllllelujah!"

Not "Praise Jesus. Praise him. Hallelujah." in the curt tones of a fifer.

It's a cargo cult, something set up by people who found the manuals on the internet but have no idea what it's meant to be about.

Church of Scotland in this way acts as a vaccine. Once you've been exposed to the utterly tedious though relatively harmless CoS ministers for long enough, you'll want to run away from any baptists or imams you encounter.

The UK is rapidly becoming more irreligious. What does it do to facilitate such change?

Every religious speaker at our school was a mundane old fart from the Church of Scotland, which is perhaps the most boring religious group in the world.

An utterly banal organisation with no discernible message whose gatherings seem designed to cause sleep in children.

After being exposed to this, I left high school with absolutely no desire to have anything to do with such peely wally bores.