@gleech buddy I'm coming back to Mastodon but with fewer rants this time.

We had a conversation about tropical animals but then it kinda tapired off.

"Area 51" (2015) starts with four males in a car. They stop to take tequila shots. I couldn't watch any further.

Delete Uber? As if my paranoia would have allowed me to install it in the first place.

Sky Roads! I haven't played this game since the 90s. I didn't know it would be popular enough to be ported online.


Absolutely loving Henning Mankell's Wallender. I think the "monster of the week" structure is really working for me.

I have been told: "You need to get a fire extinguisher before you buy any more electronics."

When Trump came to Europe to tell us just how great conservatism is, he forgot that Europe was previously a _lot_ more right-wing than Americans were comfortable with and that with a nudge it can go that way again.

They say "No lights in the cinema". They say, "Stop it jmorrice, we can't see the screen".

Fuck your eyes. Where I go, my paraffin lantern goes with me.

@gleech have you gone down the cat-v hole? I know you like a website organised into many parts.

BTW amateur radio remains the only way to send a real-time intercontinental message without using infrastructure belonging to large corporations or the government.

Amateur radio is punk, and we should consider becoming operators in order to achieve further independence.

Saying all that, the UK does impose regulations. No cryptography! My primary interest in radio was to transmit coded messages. Not for criminal acts; it's just how engineers roll in 2017. Get your shit together, UK.

There was a question on here a while ago seeking 80s films in a style that didn't exist at the time. The question made me wonder how teenagers see the past.

Does anyone think the 90s was just like today, but with shittier mobile phones? Or that the 60s were just like today but you spread memes over shortwave radio instead of internet?

History, people, learn it.

"Paranormal Activity 3" (2011). I had to turn off. A found-footage film set in the 80s that is filmed with a HD camera? The most jarring moment is the transition between 2006 and 1988 - the picture quality is exactly the same. It made me ask "are they time travellers?" No, just idiots.

How To Fix 90% of Things: A Guide By jmorrice

Does It Move But Shouldn't Move?

Use Duct Tape

Should It Move But It Isn't Moving Now?

Use WD-40

I believe in UFOs, chupacabra, and solving my computer problems by editing the windows registry.

Neighbours complain about the noise. They say it's a residential area. They say they need sleep.

Fuck your sleep. Accordion is my LIFE.

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