I completed my paper about the optimal size of 11 and 12-channel sorting networks.
It contains new theory, a search procedure, implementation details and formal verification of the result.

I'm now looking for some feedback before I make it public. DM me if you are interested 1/3

I wrote a bit about this here and the code and formal proof are already online at The paper itself is quite long at 50 pages, but I'd still be interested in feedback even if you skip some of the details in the middle sections. 2/3

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I'm not on a fixed deadline. I plan to comment and refactor my code and formal proof to better match the paper next. This will probably take me a few weeks. After that I plan to make the paper public, but any later feedback is still appreciated. 3/3

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Also if you just want to read the draft but are not sure if you can give useful feedback, that's ok too. I just don't want to make it public before at least someone else had the chance to spot some of the silly mistakes I made. 4/3

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