"What kept Cleon strong? It's obvious. He is strong, because he permits no strong subjects. A courtier who becomes too rich, or a general who becomes too popular is dangerous."---Isaac Asimov in "Foundation and Empire"

I was reminded somehow.

My favorite modal-logic system is \(S_4\). It is identical to the Kuratowski closure axioms for point-set topology.

Some people have a carpenter-ant mind ... but they're just boring.

\(~~\qquad\llap{\rm\LaTeX} \) looks okay in both Mathjax and real LaTeX.

I started to wonder if anybody wants to restore the Heptarchy.

@ColinTheMathmo I once wrote a statistical-analysis program in PostScript.

IIRC, there was a list of numbers that had to be turned into a figure.

@cgranade I'm reminded of a frost-free freezer inside a warm house in the winter.

Heat inside cold inside heat inside cold (seen in "The Midas Plague" by Fred Pohl)

Twitter's removal policy 

Twitter implemented a "Right to Be Forgotten" type system and it's being, of course, heavily weaponized by right wing trolls especially twitter.com/drewharwell/status

For years I've had debates with fellow lefties where they were demanding this very system (including on the fediverse) and I would say "it's not going to work out the way you want..."

Design game rules that consider play when it isn't your turn at the table.

Become *architects of emergent topology*.

I just remembered today is the Fifth of November.

1105 is also the smallest number that's the sum of 2 squares in 4 different ways.

@ColinTheMathmo @hntooter

I recall seeing something similar on Usenet. You can find it by searching Google Groups for the phrase "worldly sinstitutions".

My response was to say: "<Applause/>".

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