The following chart inspired a question:

There's evidence for a natural nuclear fission reactor 2 billion years ago based on the nuclear waste found in rocks that age. Do you accept such evidence? The waste did not move with respect to the surrounding rock. Does this have implications for nuclear waste disposal?

Chart seen via birdsite:

"That wealth got extracted from somewhere."

I'll have to add that to the lists of premises I don't agree with.

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One problem with the above: It implies that ratios in which one side is zero are impossible.

Alternative: The quantity that should be uniformly distributed should be \(\frac{x^2-y^2}{x^2+y^2}\), where x and y are the two quantities.

I don't see why the wine/water paradox should be a paradox. It seems clear that the logarithm of the wine/water ratio is in the range \(-\log(3)\) to \(\log(3)\) and the a priori distribution should be uniform on that interval.

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From birdsite:

"Help! I need a doctor!"

"What's wrong?"

"He was shot!"

"I have a PhD in topology."

"Can you examine the bullet hole?"

"Still path connected, the homology is trivial."

In the course of my day job, I wrote a memo on how TeX sets line widths for the overscores of square roots.

In other words, I've been working with rules for radicals.

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How long before Alex Jones has a Mastodon instance?

One problem with using social networks on a phone is boosting/retweeting/whatever a post while trying to scroll past it.

A suggestion on how to prevent coordinated harassment campaigns:

A new user is not permitted to post to an instance for 24 hours. A user is not permitted to respond to or report someone until they’ve followed that person for 24 hours.

If nothing else, that should slow down dogpiling.

Hewlett Packard Lovecraft

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of a 28C RPN graphing calculator to correlate all its contents..."

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