Dann: Fehlersuche und Kaffee. Irgendwie schaffen es Fenster gegenüber, Sonne in das Zimmer zu spiegeln. Die Stadt erwacht hörbar, Haustüren knallen und hinter dem Giebel singen Vögel. Kühle Luft, kein Regen. Unterscheidung zwischen "munter" und "wach". Habt einen ruhigen Morgen!

The Museum of Math in Manhattan will re-open July 1.

... and there is great rejoicing.

I'm checking to see if MathJax is working: \(\frac{1}{2}=0.5\).

What's the difference between US politics and mathematics?

In mathematics, Q is a symbol of rationality.

Seen via birdsite: twitter.com/VitalikButerin/sta

I must admit that mathematical models of epidemics can have blind spots. xkcd.com/2355/

GPT-3 comes up with a math problem:

"Two integers x and y are given. The sum of the two is even. What is the largest possible value of x-y?"


Didn't AM do a better job?

"Nothing amazing about a sphere," said the tortoise. "Come to that, a turtle is a perfect shape."
"A perfect shape for what?"
"Well, the perfect shape for a turtle, to start with," said Om. "If it was shaped like a ball, it'd be bobbing to the surface the whole time."
"But it's heresy to say the world is flat," said Brutha.
"Maybe, but it's true."
"And it's really on the back of a giant turtle?"
"That's right."

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