Twitter's removal policy 

Twitter implemented a "Right to Be Forgotten" type system and it's being, of course, heavily weaponized by right wing trolls especially

For years I've had debates with fellow lefties where they were demanding this very system (including on the fediverse) and I would say "it's not going to work out the way you want..."

Design game rules that consider play when it isn't your turn at the table.

Become *architects of emergent topology*.

I just remembered today is the Fifth of November.

1105 is also the smallest number that's the sum of 2 squares in 4 different ways.

Dann: Fehlersuche und Kaffee. Irgendwie schaffen es Fenster gegenüber, Sonne in das Zimmer zu spiegeln. Die Stadt erwacht hörbar, Haustüren knallen und hinter dem Giebel singen Vögel. Kühle Luft, kein Regen. Unterscheidung zwischen "munter" und "wach". Habt einen ruhigen Morgen!

The Museum of Math in Manhattan will re-open July 1.

... and there is great rejoicing.

I'm checking to see if MathJax is working: \(\frac{1}{2}=0.5\).

What's the difference between US politics and mathematics?

In mathematics, Q is a symbol of rationality.

Seen via birdsite:

I must admit that mathematical models of epidemics can have blind spots.

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