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Yep, I've confirmed it. The My Little Pony named Firefly came out for Christmas 1983.

I was six years old. I knew there were boys and there were girls. The boys looked one way, dressed one way, acted one way, and played one way. And I wanted to look, dress, act, and play like the girls.

I asked for Firefly for Christmas.

Mom made a show of having me tell my grandfather what I wanted for Christmas. "You don't want that." But to her credit, for all her faults, Mom did let me eventually get Firefly.

I played with Ponies and I played with Transformers and I tried to make it all work and I tried to live up to everyone's expectations and I ended up hurting myself and others as I grew up flailing around trying to be a budding man.

But please tell me again how we didn't have trans kids 40 years ago. Tell me again how it must be soy in the food or pollution in the water. Tell me it's social pressure. Tell me it's anything other than more widespread acceptance and a world where kids can more comfortably be who they are.

Go ahead. Tell me little Dave-who-wanted-to-be-Dana doesn't count because of some arbitrary line you've drawn. Tell me I'm ok and real but some kid crying over an Equestria figure is a threat to society.

I don't believe you. In fact I pity your narrow view of the past, shaped by a dominant narrative of rigid roles and smothering expectations.

We were here. We were queer. Get used to it.

The French: repurpose crowd barricades to use as barricades against cops

The Germans: use crowd barricades as battering rams

The US: Use crowd barricades as ladders

This Catalan guy:

Doing an impromptu tarot reading but the only cards I had on hand were Pokémon.

"Ah, yes, Charizard reversed. A potent omen."

If you’d like a little negative curvature with your classic sliding-tile brainteaser: introducing the 15+4 puzzle. YouTube video:

asking me what country i'm "from" isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because you assume i'm foreign

asking me if that's my "real name" isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because it implies that the name i asked you to use is fake

misgendering me isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because it shows that you are projecting your idea of my gender over what i have told you of my gender

@alex also! If you are technically eligible to receive the shot but choose not to, it actually slows down the process of making more people eligible! It's just standing at the front of the line going, "hmmmmmm do I want a cappuccino or a cafe au lait, can you describe all the options to me and then I'll just leave because actually I don't want coffee"

How to write an apology (serious / educational) 

Organize your thoughts into these four categories. Write down bullet points. Actions / Consequences / Excuses / Remedies
Start composing the message. Describe in order the actions you took, the consequences that made it bad, what remedies you will be taking (e.g. to prevent recurrence).
Next, throw the excuses in the :wastebasket:. The bullet point list is their final destination.
Finally, send the message.

the Amazon union in Alabama with an open election retweeted this thread explicitly saying the internet activists calling for organization-free boycotts of Amazon are hurting their effort. but get your internet points 👍

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Love to all the AFAB people who are worried this International Women's Day that they'll be treated as the target of its celebrations by well-meaning friends, despite not being women.

there's a new food shelf in town, run out the back of the du nord distillery. you might remember du nord from such things as "handing out sanitizer to protesters outside the 3rd precinct", "having generally good alcoholic spirits", or "having their fucking place arsoned despite all the aforementioned good will they have in the community". anyway they're resilient as fuck and here's the url for get food or volunteer or donate.

Scientifically, a raven has 17 primary wing feathers, the big ones at the end of the wing.
They are called pinion feathers.
A crow has 16.
So, the difference between a crow and a raven is only a matter of a pinion.

You're welcome.
*drop mic*

Captain Awkward's joking definition of bisexuals makes me laugh so much.

"The bisexuals are here!  We will steal your lady, dress up in her clothes, steal somebody’s man while wearing your lady’s clothes, then steal his warmest hoodie or flannel in order to tuck it sensuously around yet another person’s lady or man, like, “I’ll keep you warm, babe, I’m a bisexual, we keep everybody warm."

(It's extra hilarious because I've acquired (didn't steal!) a new warmest flannel from a fellow bi today.)

uspol, immigration, harm reduction 

"Biden’s new policy is designed to process migrants without detaining them for long periods.

"Families would undergo coronavirus testing and nonprofits would then help them secure plane or bus tickets to their final destinations in the U.S., typically with friends or family.

"The shift toward processing centers is a repudiation of Trump’s border policy, but it's also a rejection of the Obama administration’s use of detention centers."

Yay, just blocked Accessibee, a piece of junk masquerading as an accessibility helper for websites! To learn how to do this, see this page:

#a11y #accessibility

After long, hard work, the message we intercepted from space was decoded:
"We apologize for being silent three millennia. We are still here."
Fifteen years later another message was caught, going the other way:
"We are always glad to hear from you, no matter how long it takes."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"I’m sorry to be rude or flippant, but the next time someone tells me that my demonstrably different brain chemistry can be solved by a quick shift in socioeconomic policy, I’m going to unhinge my jaw like a fucking rancor and swallow them whole. There is no utopian vision of a communist society where developmental and learning disabilities cease to exist. Any suggestion that a post-capitalist revolution will eradicate the otherness is bordering on genocidal fan fiction"

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